Welcome to Abbie-Pearl:

As Hanna Arendt used to say full of irony: “thinking legacy belongs only to few people”

 Arendt, H. (1993)La condición Humana. Paidós, Barcelona, p. 349 (original The University of Chicago Press, 1958)

Our designs foster a deep reflection about the fashion and culture mutual relations as long as get together the relevant historic and culture episodes with contemporaneous fashion design. These trousers brand, thanks to its three collections, best match a new feminine demanding role, restless, traveler, different and independent as connects the proudly feeling of our worldwide culture legacy with the great future growth expectations fashion.

On this regard, trousers are used among the civilization as political and freedom power symbol for women. Therefore, Abbie-Pearl shoes a new feminine identity, charged with symbolism that conceive fashion as a necessary communication tool under the undoubted culture diversity.